Setting chart header

Chart header usually provides brief description of the chart summary. Java Chart Designer allows setting the main title as well as subtitle. To set/change chart header click “Options & Data” menu and choose “Chart header” or click “Options & Data” tab at Quick access panel and press “Chart header”.

Let’s overview each “Chart header” window items closer:

  •  Visible

      “Visible” checkbox allows you to toggle chart header visibility. This control is replicated at “Options” tab next to “Chart header” button.

  •  Background color

      “Background color” allows setting background header color:

  • Color preview displays currently selected colors
  • Color tab consists of 3 buttons placed vertically. First and last

      Color selection dialog offers a set of predefined colors, allows changing hue value for each of the colors constituents separately (RGB model) or composite color, turn on/off each of the color constituents as well as change opacity.

  • Direction tab lets you select from one of the 4 different transition directions: Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal Up, Diagonal Down
  • “Number of cycles” spinbox allows setting/changing transition cycles. Assigning this value to “0” makes background color consistent

Click “Ok” buttons to apply selected colors to your chart or “Cancel” to close this dialog window.

  • “Title” and “Subtitle” tabs are very similar and allows settings up chart title and subtitle correspondingly. Each of the tabs has Text field in order to set title/subtitle text, color selection dialog (similar to described above) to set text color and font selection dialog to set up font’s face and size