Java Chart Designer Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I get maximum chart animation cycle time?

A. cycleTime = Max(“Start step” + “Length”) * “Step time” + “Sleep time” + “Finish steps” * “Step time”

Q. Why my next chart doesn’t appear in a Java applet? Charts should be displayed in a row.

A. Make sure that each chart included in your applet has “Looping” option enabled. Otherwise animation will be stopped at the one that has “Looping” option disabled.

Q. Is there other ways to access various data sources except Excel-like conventional editor?

A. We are planning to extend existing editor to other databases using JDBC in a future.

Q. I have certain problems applying chart styles. Once I select it in the “Styles” window and click “Apply” nothing is changed. What’s wrong?

A. Please, left-click the selected style prior to clicking “Apply” button.