What’s new in this version of Java Chart Designer?

Java Chart Designer 4.5
Build 4.5.52 [Released: April 14, 2006]

  • Added: Styles tab where you can slect a lot of predefined astonishing styles for your charts
  • Improved: Pie, Doughnut, XY and Bubbles chart types
  • Improved: “New Chart” wizard
  • New Demo version license limitations
  • Greatly reworked and renewed version

Java Chart Designer 4.2
Build 4.2.47 [Released: February 14, 2006]

  • Added: Scale X, Scale Y, Rotate, Shear X and Shear Y options to animation tab to produce even more professional animation effects
  • Added: Step slider to animation tab that allows previewing animation options step-by-step

Java Chart Designer 4.0
Build 4.0.43 [Released: September 5, 2005]

Totally new version.