Changing series parameters

"Series" window allows modifying parameters for each of the available series individually.

This window is divided into Series List panel and Series Configuration panel. Series List panel displays the list of all available chart series. To select particular series simply left-click it. Please, note, if you would like to add/remove series or change their placement order consult Changing chart data values page.

Series Configuration panel allows modifying series look and consist of several tabs:

  • Patterns

Patterns tab lets you change type and color of the chosen series. Since Java Chart Designer has two conceptually different chart types such as Columns/Bars on the one hand and Lines/Areas on the other hand there are different settings which are applicable for either Columns/Bars or Lines/Areas only.

Renderer type allows changing particular series type and is useful if you want to distinguish these series from the rest. Available options are: Rectangle, 3D rectangle and Cylinders. Please, note that this option could be applied for Columns/Bars chart types only.

Color Fill displays currently selected color gradient and allows you to change it using color gradient dialog. Please, note that Color Fill option could be applied for Columns, Bars and Areas chart types only.

Line Color lets you change series line color.

Line Type option offers several different line types to select from: firm, dashed, dotted etc.

Line Width allows changing series line width (in pixels).

  • Markers

Markers tab allows you to modify series markers type and color. Please, note that series markers are available for Lines and Areas chart types only.

"Painted" checkbox toggles markers visibility on/off.

"Type" drop-down menu allows you to select from different markers types while "Size" scrolling box defines size of the marker (in pixel).

"Fill Color" and "Line Color" display the filling and outer line color of the marker correspondingly as well as allow invoking color selection dialog in order to change mentioned colors. "Line Width" defines the width of the line that outlines the marker.

  • Labels

      Labels tab lets you modify series values position, color, font etc. and is applicable for all chart types.

      "Position" drop-down menu defines position of the series label and has 3 options: Outside, Inside and Center. Therefore, labels could be placed outside (or above the series depending on the chart type), inside (or below) and at the center.

      "Margin" scrolling box defines the indention of the label from the series edge (in pixels).

      "Color" displays the color of the series labels and allows you to modify it using color selection dialog.

      "Font" displays the font of the series labels and allows you to modify it using font selection dialog.

      "Background" displays background color of the series labels and allows you to modify it using color selection dialog.

      "Border" allows modifying border style by selecting from different options: None, Line, Raised Etched, Lowered Etched, Raised Bevel and Lowered Bevel.

There are two more settings: "Overlay" and "Gap width" which are available for Columns and Bars only. "Overlay" option changes series width leaving distance between categories unchangeable. "Gap width" changes gap width between categories.