Manage Registry ActiveX Control Methods Overview

Manage Registry ActiveX Control provides the following methods:

Method Brief Description
CreateKey Creates or opens key in a Registry
OpenKey Opens the existing Registry key
GetValue Returns the value of versatile types of data
SetValue Sets the value for variable (apart from Expanded String type)
GetInt Returns the value of Integer variable
SetInt Sets the value for Integer variable
GetBool Returns the value and convert it to BOOLEAN type
SetBool Sets the value of BOOLEAN type
GetString Returns the value of String variable
SetString Set the value for String variable
GetExpandString Returns the value of ExpandString variable
SetExpandString Sets the value for ExpandString variable
GetBinaryData Returns the value of binary data in a BYTE array
SetBinaryData Set the value for binary data variable as a BYTE array
GetMultiString Returns the value of MultiString type of data
SetMultiString Sets the value of MultiString type of data
GetMultiStringVariant Returns the array of VARIANT type of String
SetMultiStringVariant Sets the VARIANT array of String type passed as parameter to the method
GetBinaryDataVariant Returns the array of VARIANT type of BYTE
SetBinaryDataVariant Sets the VARIANT array of BYTE type passed as parameter to the method
CloseKey Closes the specified key
Flush Writes all the attributes into the Registry and flushes all changes
ValueExists Checks whether the specified value exists in the Registry
KeyExists Checks whether the specified key exists in the Registry
DeleteValue Removes the specified value from the Registry
DeleteKey Removes the specified key from the Registry
Detach Forces to detach from the Registry and returns the handle for the opened key
Attach Allows to attach to the opened handle of the Registry

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