PhotoBulk Lite

PhotoBulk Lite is a free app with the ability to apply one text watermark to either one image or any number of images.

Adding Images to Gallery

There are three methods how you can add images to PhotoBulk’s Gallery:

  • Drag image(s) or folder(s) to the PhotoBulk’s main editing window or to the application icon in the Dock.
  • From the menu bar Choose File → Open… (or hit ⌘O), locate file(s) and/or folder(s), and click Open.
  • In the bottom left corner of the main window click the + character button, locate file(s) and/or folder(s), and click Open.
Note: If you add a folder, all the files it contains are added to the PhotoBulk Gallery.

Removing Images from Gallery

  • In the bottom left corner of the main window click the Trash icon button.
  • Alternatively, with the help of the contextual menu you can choose either Delete from Gallery or Delete All from Gallery. In order to invoke contextual menu, right-click on the thumbnail preview at the bottom of the window.
  • You can also choose File → Delete Selected Image from Gallery (⌘⌫) or File → Delete All Images from Gallery (⇧⌘⌫) from the menu bar.
Tip: Press and hold the Option key and click the Trash icon button to delete all images from the Gallery.

How to apply Watermark

To start watermarking the images, activate Watermark option in the sidebar of the PhotoBulk. This automatically will add Text watermark with the ability to choose font name, size, style, text color and opacity.

1. Choose the font

From the drop-down list choose the desired font name.

2. Choose the font style

Select the watermark and in the Menu bar choose Format > Bold or Format > Italic.

Tip: The hotkey for Bold style is ⌘B or ⌘I for Italic style.

3. Set the font size

From the drop-down list select the font size or enter the desired value in the text field.

In the Menu bar choose Format > Bigger or press ⌘+, if you want to make the text bigger. Choose Format > Smaller or press ⌘-, if you want to make the text look smaller.

Tip: Select the text on the preview and drag the corner of the text bounding box to adjust the font size.

4. Choose the text color

Bring up the Color panel by clicking the color well in order to change the color.

5. Underline text

Click the U icon button to underline the text. Or in the Menu bar choose Format > Underline after selecting the watermark text.

Tip: The hotkey for Underlined text is ⌘U.

6. Adjust the opacity of watermark

Grab and drag the opacity slider to adjust the opacity of watermark. Drag the slider to the left to make the watermark look more transparent. Drag the slider to the right to make the watermark deeper.

Selecting Watermark

Click the watermark on the preview or on one of the settings in the watermark settings to make the watermark selected. Once the watermark is selected you will see it in a bounding box with four little handles.

Changing the Watermark Text

Double-click the watermark on the preview to start editing the text. Click outside the text box to finish editing a text.

Changing the Watermark Position

Drag the selected watermark with a mouse or move it using the arrow keys in the arrow keys direction to change the position to the new one.

Click the image to view the animated tutorial how to drag, rotate and resize watermark.

Resizing Watermark

To resize a watermark:

  • Select a watermark that will bring blue manipulation handles.
  • Grab and drag the handles to resize the watermark.
Tip: Hold down the Shift key to resize the image watermark proportionally. It will keep the width and the height at the same ratio.

Rotating Watermark

To rotate a watermark:

  • Select a watermark.
  • Position your pointer near the outer corner of one of the handles of the bounding box until it changes to a rotation cursor.
  • Drag the cursor around the object to rotate a watermark.

Text tooltip will display the amount of rotation while rotating.

Note: If you want to benefit from all the features of PhotoBulk, please, purchase the software.