PhotoBulk for Mac Postprocessing Settings

Resize Settings

There are five existing resizing types allowing you to choose the one that exactly meets your needs. You can choose the resize settings from the drop-down list.

resize and optimize

Choose the resize type:

    • by width: Set the desired image width. The height will be automatically resized with the same ratio as the width.
    • by height: Set the desired image height. The width will be automatically resized with the same ratio as the height.
    • percentage: Set the desired percentage value. The image will be scaled in both dimensions at this ratio.
    • free size: Set the desired image width and height. The image will be resized to the specified size without keeping aspect ratio.
Note: Both width and height must be provided (typed manually).
    • by max size: Set the maximum image width and height. Preserving aspect ratio, resize the image to be as large as possible while ensuring its dimensions are less than or equal to the width and height specified.
Note: Both width and height must be provided.

Don’t enlarge images smaller than set size. When resizing images to a smaller size, enable this setting, so that the images that are already smaller than the set size are not edited. I.e. change the dimensions of the image only if its width or height exceeds the geometry specification.

Optimize Settings

As it is known when optimizing JPEG format, the quality of photos can dramatically fade and the optimizing process is done with losses. However, PhotoBulk uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size and doesn’t deteriorate the image. The software allows optimizing images affecting their quality minimally. See more details in the Format Settings paragraph.

To change the optimization level drag the slider. Higher level of optimization produces better results but may take more time.

Note: Only JPEG and PNG files are optimized.

Tip: To reduce the file size even more select metadata settings in the sidebar and choose “Delete All” from the drop-down list. PhotoBulk will erase all the metadata found in an image to make the image file as small as possible. By default PhotoBulk preserves all the metadata.