PhotoBulk for macOS Version History

PhotoBulk for Mac 2.1(246)
Released: 12th February, 2018

  • Fixed: an issue with artifacts when applying image watermark on macOS 10.11.
  • Lots of fixes and improvements (thank you guys for your continued feedback!).

PhotoBulk for Mac
Released: 13th November, 2017

  • Fixed: an issue when output images could be corrupted after adding some image watermarks.
  • Fixed: an issue when the TIFF image transparency wouldn’t have been preserved after processing even in cases without converting to another format with no transparency support.

PhotoBulk for Mac
Released: 25th October, 2017

  • Improved: the quality of image watermarks.
  • Improved: the quality of the output images when resizing files.
  • Fixed: an issue with corrupted files after editing on some Macs.
  • Fixed: crashes on some Macs.

PhotoBulk for Mac
Released: 13th October, 2017

  • Fixed: crashing when opening files.
  • Fixed: issue with skipping some files when processing.

PhotoBulk for Mac 2.0
Released: 5th October, 2017

  • Updated: completely brand new interface.
  • Added: French, German and Spanish localizations.
  • Added: option to add multiple watermarks types at once.
  • Added: ability to preview and edit the watermark settings.
  • Added: ability to rotate and resize a watermark in real-time.
  • Added: font size dynamic change when resizing a watermark.
  • Added: ability to add a multiline text watermark.
  • Added: ability to move a watermark beyond the boundaries of the image.
  • Added: option to add proportional watermarks.
  • Added: option which allows to keep or delete a file’s metadata.
  • Added: ability to select JPEG Quality when saving a file as .jpeg.
  • Added: support for HEIC format on macOS 10.13 (for conversion into other formats).
  • Improved: file optimization.
  • Improved: file processing speed.
  • Fixed: file size increasing on Macs with several displays (Retina and non-Retina).
  • Lots of fixes and improvements (thank you guys for your continued feedback!).

PhotoBulk for Mac 1.7.0
Released: 3rd Sept, 2015

  • Added: prevent PhotoBulk from making images bigger (“Don’t enlarge image” option)
  • Fixed: application crash when processing images with accurate color representation caused by wrong color depth detection
  • Fixed: optimization was not implemented in case conversion of JPEG into PNG was applied at the same time