NewThreadService Method

The NewThreadService method connects the new thread of a service process to the service control manager, which causes the thread to become service control dispatcher thread for the calling process. Unlike Service method NewThreadService creates none-blocking thread  

VOID NewThreadService(

  NewThreadService returns nothing and you wouldn’t know if the service couldn’t started.
Code Example

// m_ServiceAx - Run Service ActiveX Control
// If Run Service ActiveX Control was installed and service is ready to start then launch new 
// service in a separate (new) thread
if (m_ServiceAx.get_IsCreate() && (m_ServiceAx.get_CurrentState () == RSA_SERVICE_START_PENDING))
 	// NewThreadService method is none blocking, and, unlike Service method, we wouldn't know if 
	// service was started or not
	m_ServiceAx.NewThreadService ();

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