Connection mirroring

Connection mirroring allows automatic creation of connections with inverted parameters on the remote side, without your physical presence there.

Here is how to set up a mirrored connection:

  1. Select an existing connection and press Mirror:

  2. Specify the name or IP address of the remote host and select the COM port to be created on it. Check Create as virtual port if you’d like to use a virtual port instead of a real one.

  3. Click Send request.

  4. On the remote host, click Incoming requests on the toolbar and then press Accept request to create a mirrored connection.

    Optionally, you can edit the settings of the connection before it is created by pressing Edit before creation.

    Here you can also configure how future mirror requests should be handled by this host. There are three options available:

    • Accept manually – all mirror requests will wait for manual approval (default).

    • Create automatically – a connection will be created automatically as soon as a mirror request is received.

    • Decline all – this host will not accept mirror requests.