Standard IRP Functions Overview

Serial Ports Monitor ActiveX Control supports the following standard major I/O requests:

FunctionBrief Description
IRP_MJ_CREATEThis request opens a serial device
IRP_MJ_DEVICE_CONTROLThis request is used to manage a serial port. For a description of the device control requests supported by Serial ports, see IOCTRL request overview.
IRP_MJ_FLUSH_BUFFERSThis request flushes the internal write buffer of a serial device
IRP_MJ_INTERNAL_DEVICE_CONTROLThis request sets internal operating modes on a serial device
IRP_MJ_PNPThis request is used to query devices and to start, stop, and remove devices
IRP_MJ_POWERThis request controls power management
IRP_MJ_QUERY_INFORMATIONThis request queries the end-of-file information for a serial device
IRP_MJ_READThis request transfers data from a serial device to a client
IRP_MJ_SET_INFORMATIONThis request sets the end-of-file information on a serial device
IRP_MJ_SYSTEM_CONTROLThis request supports WMI requests
IRP_MJ_WRITEThis request transfers data from a client to a serial device


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