Serial Port Sniffer ActiveX Control Overview

Serial Port Sniffer is a powerful advanced ActiveX Control that allows your application to sniff (fully monitor and edit data flows) serial ports in your system.

Serial Port Sniffer ActiveX is a pseudo-sniffer. In fact, ActiveX opens a real serial port, and creates a virtual serial port with the same name as the opened real serial port. After that, Serial Port Sniffer ActiveX redirects data from real to virtual serial port in both directions.

The scheme of how Serial Port Sniffer AX works is the following:


All events are divided into two main categories: events, which are directed from real serial port to virtual and events, which are directed from virtual serial port to real.

Serial Port Sniffer ActiveX also reflects what happens with certain virtual and real ports and gives an ability to influence the result. You can control real serial port and initialize data sending to real or virtual serial port at any time.

Serial Port Sniffer ActiveX Control detects all serial port activity in your system. All applications that work with serial port and all the data that is being sent and received can be easily monitored with Serial Port Sniffer ActiveX Control within your own application.

Common objectives and our solutions:

  • Monitor data flows between serial port and application

    With Serial Port Sniffer ActiveX you will be able to fully monitor data flows between application and serial port. It gives you the possibility to detect control lines changes, handflow, baudrate and ring state changes, and track timeout updates. Serial Port Sniffer Components methods allow you to check whether the port is being sniffed, open the serial port to be sniffed and close the port after sniffing.

  • Replace data sent between port and application with your own commands

    Serial Port Sniffer ActiveX gives you the ability to influence the monitoring process. As all transmitted data is intercepted in the virtual port, created by our component, you can easily substitute it with any data characters and commands of your own to get deeper into the monitoring process.

  • Take full control of all signal lines

    All signal lines (DTR, RTS, CTS, RTS, etc) are supported. Moreover, the component’s events include all of these lines state changes.

Main Features:

  • Replace data sent between port and application with your own commands
  • ActiveX Control and all its modules are digitally signed
  • Send data to any serial port at any time
  • Easily manage real serial port settings at any time
  • Ability to control real/virtual port signal lines (DTR, RTS, CTS, RTS, etc.) at any time
  • Wide selection of supported events
  • Easily detect which application opens the serial port
  • Usage examples for Microsoft VC++ and Microsoft Visual Basic included
  • No reboot required during installation and implementation

Serial Port Sniffer ActiveX Control is aimed to assist:

  • System integrators
  • Serial software developers
  • Peripheral software developers
  • OEM development and test engineers
  • Serial port monitoring applications developers

The Serial Port Sniffer component is compatible with:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7/all 64-bit platforms
  • VB: Microsoft Visual Basic 5-6
  •, C++, C#: Microsoft Visual (2002, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010)
  • C++ Builder 3-6/X/2006/2007/2009/2010
  • Delphi 3-8/2005/2006/2007/2009/2010

Serial Port Sniffer Demo version limitations:

Reminder when invoking Start() method.