How to check connection status

Once the real serial port is shared, you can connect as many applications to this port as you want.

To check the status of shared serial port, please, follow these steps:

  • Launch "Shared Serial Ports" application if it is not started yet. The default path to it is: "Start" –> "All programs" –> "Eltima Software" –> "Shared Serial Ports" –> "Configure Shared Serial Ports".
  • In Serial ports tree, which displays all shared and unshared serial ports in your system, find shared serial port which connection status you want to check.
  • In "Connected applications" group of the shared serial port find applications that are connected to shared port (they can be identified by the full path to exe file).

In this example two applications are connected to shared COM1 port. The first application has sent 58 bytes to shared serial port, while the second one – 38 bytes.