Choosing a template

Templates are the essence of Show.kit, every project type of Show.kit is supplied with multiple templates, and the gallery is updated daily! After you start a project, you can select a template it will be compiled into. Remember to adjust tables sizes and images positions when switching between templates. Note, that if you have adjusted everything to work in one Color Scheme, it does not mean your tables backgrounds, fonts colors and images will suit the Color Scheme you will finally compile your project in. Before applying a new template to your project, it is strongly suggested that you first preview it. To apply it, select the desired template in the templates box and press “Apply template”: 


After applying the new template, you will be prompted to approve it, save current project and copy texts and images to the new template. Note, that when you copy elements from the current project to the new template, not all texts can be copied, or can be transferred erroneously, as the templates are different and may contain different objects, so it is strongly recommended to save all your progress before applying any global changes.