Preview panel

Show.kit preview panel can be shown in several ways, some of these ways may bring up a different preview. Preview panel controls let you refresh, zoom in and out, drag and adjust the previewed contents. Preview panel is a dock window, you can drag it out and have on your desktop as a separate window, or dock it into Show.kit for convenience.


Previewing current project
Use one of the following options to preview the project you are currently working on.
img img
When you are previewing the current project all the modified elements will be compiled into temporary output and will be shown in the Preview panel. In this way you can easily adjust each and every design element, text or image to fit your purpose and see the recent changes in action.

Previewing template
You can preview a template before applying it from the Templates box. The template will then be compiled with the default texts and images and shown in the Preview window.

Previewing intros/preloaders
In website/presentation project you can also preview Intro/Preloader you are using in this project. To do this, you need to click a corresponding button on the toolbar. Sometimes Intro/Preloader can be compiled into a project, this is shown as an “{embedded}” suffix of a “Current:” label.