Project tree

Show.kit implements a new standard of web-authoring. It presents a Project tree which hosts all the elements of the project you wish to compile. Let’s have a look at the project tree of a new website/presentation project:  

As all other parts of Show.kit interface Project Tree is a dock window, you can drag it where you’d like it to be. In case you close it unintentionally you can always get back to the default Interface layout via the Layouts drop-down menu: 


The key aim of Project tree is to let you navigate the project: move from Global elements to slides, Add and Remove slides, Go to first Slide’s menu background or slogan, etc. To expand a branch you have to click a plus near it, to collapse it – do the same with the minus sign. For instance, if you want to see the customizable elements of the first slide, expand it and select the desired object. 

When you make a selection in Project tree, the main working window should change its contents, like when you go to Slogan or Main text -> Text in the project tree (the names of these elements can be different in various templates) the main working windows will switch to the Text editor mode. On the other hand if you move to any image object in the tree – Show.kit will show an Image editor. So this is like you choose elements of your project in Project tree and customize them in the main working area. 

To add a slide into your project you have to give focus to any of the slides and click the “Add slide” button above the Project tree: 


The new slide is added to the end of the slides list. It will or will not duplicate the last slide in the project depending on the Show.kit settings you specified. By default it will use the default texts. To delete a slide: select the slide you need to be deleted from a project and press “Delete slide” button, which is represented by a minus symbol near the “Add slide” button.

You can also change the order of the slides. This can be accomplished using “Move up” and “Move down” buttons. The first slide cannot be moved anywhere, nor can it be deleted. 

Please, note that every project has its slide limit. You cannot create more slides than the template stipulates. Check this value when downloading new templates.