Show.kit Plugins

Show.kit 2 now goes with unique collection of FREE plugins. This collection is constantly renewed, as new plugins are written by the developers team. Show.kit plugins are not mandatory downloads, but still can greatly enhance Show.kit performance, or bring additional functionality that may be needed to you. Why doesn’t SoftInfinity supply Plugins along with Show.kit?
We do not include plugins into Show.kit distribution as they may take a while to be downloaded. However, Show.kit itself may take some time for download. That is why we suppose it can be more useful to offer plugins as additional downloads, as not all clients may need them.ÂAre plugins really FREE?
Yes they are. And you can even utilize them in Demo mode. However, it doesn’t seem helpful to burn a presentation with 2 first slides telling about Show.kit and other Eltima products to a business presentation CD. However, you can really try them for free, and we hope you’ll like the idea.Â

Where can I download the plugins?
The Show.kit plugins’ homepage can be changed. So we’ll advise to visit and to find the latest plugins and download links.Â

How do I import plugins into Show.kit?
After you have a plugin downloaded to your hard drive. You need to import plugin to Show.kit. You have to do it only once as Show.kit will copy the plugin to its internal resources and load every time you launch Show.kit. Plugins are supplied as DLL files, but can be downloaded as archives, so, please, extract them first. After that, navigate to Project -> Plugins -> Manage plugins option and press “Add plugin” in the window that appears (Plugins manager).Â


Then point to the plugin you wish to import and press “Open”. If it is a valid Show.kit plugin. It will be added to the list of available plugins and can be accessed via Project -> Plugins option. Additional documentation can be supplied with Plugins.Â

P.S. Please, note! Our team would never supply a virus or trojan within any of distributions available from our website. That is why we strongly encourage you to download any extras for our software only from the mentioned official websites. 

How can I remove a plugin?
You can manually delete the corresponding file in Plugins subfolder in Show.kit Root.Â