SWF & FLV Player for Mac OS – Playlist Editor

"Playlist Editor" window consists of two tabs, delivering superior functionality to SWF & FLV Player.

  • Playlist
  • This tab houses several options to view and manage SWF & FLV Player’s playlist. It has the following items:

    List of the files currently added to playlist. Please, note that if "Shuffle" is disabled, Flash movies will be played at the exact order as shown in this list
    "Frames" column displays the total number of frames or Flash movie length
    "Add file to Playlist" button which invokes "Open file" dialog to add new file/files to this list
    "Remove the selected file from Playlist" button removes the selected file
    "Repeat" button toggles repeating function. It has 3 states:

       repeat is off: all files in the playlist will be played just one time and once the full cycle is completed, it will stop
       repeat all files: play all files in a list and once the full cycle is completed, start again
       repeat one file: play only the selected file in playlist, and once it is finished, start again


    • "Shuffle" buttons toggles shuffling on/off. It has 2 states:
    •  shuffle is on: files in a playlist will be played randomly
       shuffle is off: files will be played in the exact order as shown in playlist


    Please, note that files marked in red are not valid or broken Adobe Flash files.

  • SWF Info
  • Here you may see complete information about the selected SWF file.