Browsing on-line flash animation

New SWF & FLV Player provides long-expected and highly demanded feature such as browsing on-line flash animations at the specified web address; preview, add to playlist (in PRO version only) and save (in PRO version only) chosen SWF/FLV files as well as get additional information about found flash files (URL, file size). In order to download online Flash movies, please, do the following:

  • Select File -> Download online Flash movies option from the main menu 
  • In popped-up dialog window type web address in the top most textfield and click “Browse” button 
  • When “SWF file list” is filled with all Flash animations found at the specified address select the files you need and click “Save” to save (available in PRO version only) or “Open” button to play them (available in PRO version only). Preview window will help you identify each file and find the exact ones you need. 


“Save” button invokes the dialog that lets you navigate to the folder where you want SWF/FLV file to be stored. Once files are saved, they will be automatically added to playlist and started playing (if “Automatically play files added to Playlist” option in Preferences dialog is enabled). On the other hand, if you click “Open” button, only selected file will be played without adding to playlist.

Moreover, you may check whether the downloaded SWF file requires external resources. Simply double-click any file in the “SWF file list”. Now, if the arrow marker appears in front of the file name, click it to expand the tree and find out what other resources it requires to be played correctly.