SWF & FLV Player for Windows Known issues

In this section we will point out several known problems and the ways to resolve them (if any).

Problems that arise while browsing URL/loading external resources:

  • Some SWF files don’t load external flash movies correctly, and, as the result, cannot be previewed properly. This may occur if SWF file requests external FLV using FLV Playback function call. SWF & FLV Player couldn’t trace these requests, and fetch all of the external resources. At the moment, this problem cannot be resolved, however, we are working on it and, hopefully, will fix it in the near future.
  • Some SWF files request external resource addresses using dynamic variables. For instance:
<object id="eltima_test">
<param name="movie" value="/eltima_test.swf" />
<param name="loadedFile" value="/eltima_test_loaded.swf" />
<embed src="/eltima_test.swf"
name="eltima_test" loadedFile="/eltima_test_loaded.swf"
type="application/x-shockwave-flash" />

At the moment, this problem cannot be resolved; however, we are going to fix it in the near future.

  • Some SWF files cannot be detected and downloaded if the remote web server does not return (or returns incorrect) Content-Type parameter. This may happen if web server is configured incorrectly. For instance, we have encountered such problem on banner-network site, that randomly displays animated GIFs or other still image formats, and, occasionally, flash animation. Every time the web server returns content type parameter associated with image file. As the result, SWF & FLV Player cannot load correctly SWF movies from such web sites.

Note, that you may have some problems, while downloading Flash movies from web to your harddrive, because our “Download online Flash movies” feature is currently in BETA stage.