Movie viewer

The Movie viewer window is designed to display the Flash movie.

Once you have opened Flash file (“File” -> “Add to Playlist”), it will be played automatically. Alternatively, you may add this file to playlist and click the “Play” button in Movie Controls.


The Viewer window contains several buttons for your convenience. Let’s review all of them:

playlist_button – this button shows/hides Playlist

info_button – shows/hides Properties

capture_button – captures SWF frame screenshot (available in PRO version only)

capture_series_button – starts converting SWF into image series (available in PRO version only)

float_on_top – if some of the SWF & FLV Player windows are overlapped with other applications, use this option to bring them to front (get focus)

pref_button – invokes “Preferences” dialog where you may customize program’s options and parameters

about_button – displays version and build of SWF & FLV Player

close_button – closes SWF & FLV Player

The played movie supports context menu options. Right-click anywhere inside the Viewer to open it and select from the following items: