SWF & FLV Player for Windows Main Menu

Main menu provides quick access to all SWF & FLV Player’s great features and options and highly resembles standard application’s menu. There are several menu items available listed below:
 1. File


  • Open recent – selects necessary Flash file from the list of previously accessed Flash files and add it to playlist.
  • Save As – opens “Save as” dialog to specify file name and location where currently played Flash file will be stored. Please, note that this option is available in PRO version only.
  • Add to Playlist – invokes “Open file” dialog where you may navigate to necessary Flash file and add it to SWF & FLV Player playlist. In order to select multiple files, please click several files while holding “Shift” key.
  • Clear Playlist – removes all items from SWF & FLV Player playlist.
  • Save Playlist – saves current playlist for your convenience.
  • Load Playlist – loads playlist file previously saved by user.
  • Download online Flash movies (Beta) – opens dialog where you may type in a web-address to fetch all SWF files there (PRO version only). Additionally, you may preview found Flash files (double-click any item in the list), open selected files in SWF & FLV Player (without adding them to playlist), save checked Flash files to the hard disk (available in PRO version: files will be automatically added to playlist) and, finally, find out whether the selected Flash file loads external resources (double-click the entry in the list – if SWF file will expand then it loads external resources listed below the file). Note that this feature is currently in Beta stage.
  • Preferences – invokes “Preferences” dialog where you may customize program’s options and parameters, contains three main tabs: General, Playlist, Capture:


  • Default Flash quality

Here you may specify the default quality value of the played Flash file by selecting from the following values: Low, Medium and High. After applying the value, it will be selected automatically when you play the movie.

  • Zoom image update frequency

Use this slider to specify the speed of updating zoomed image. Zoomed image is updated in real-time and requires a lot of calculation, hence may slow-down the whole system. If you experience certain problems with application’s speed while playing the movie, please, move the slider to slow-end of the gauge.

  • Automatically play files added to Playlist

Please, enable this option if you prefer that the files added to Playlist should start playing automatically. This option is disabled by default.

  • Go to next playlist item if

This group of options defines the algorithms which will be used to find out whether the current movie has been finished (and SWF & FLV Player should proceed to the next playlist item). Currently, the player is able to detect the last movie frame, unexpected and unusual frame sequence changes (the movie was rewinded and played from the start) and stop playing events (the movie stays on the same frame, but not the last one, during the certain period of time). Note: “the frame number was decreased” and “the player stays on the same frame more than” options do not affect FLV files playback.

This group of options allows you to configure settings of capture function. Here you are able to change default folder where screenshots of Flash files will be stored. Tick “Create subfolder by SWF name” checkbox if you want screenshots to be saved into subfolders by SWF names. Besides you can specify screenshot interval in seconds by using corresponding slider. “Always start capturing from 1st frame” checkbox allows you to start capturing Flash files from 1st frame. In case you are viewing Flash file and you click “Start capturing” icon in main window, you will notice, that playback of Flash file starts once again from the very beginning and SWF & FLV Player starts capturing screenshots of Flash files. If you tick “Keep capturing to the next movie in Playlist”, SWF & FLV Player captures screenshots of all Flash files, located in Playlist.

  •  Quit & FLV Player – closes application

2. Movie


This menu option contains the standard player’s options such as play, pause, rewind, etc. which you may find in Adobe Flash player or any audio/video player.

  • Fit to current window

This options allows to change movie size to fit the current window (in case it was resized) and is fully identical to the one of Movie Controls.

  • Restore the original size

Use this option to restore Flash movie size to the original one (in case it was resized). This option is identical to the one of Movie Controls.

  • Enter full-screen mode

Select this menu option if you want to switch to or exit from full-screen mode (available in PRO version only).

  •  Float on Top

If some of the SWF & FLV Player windows are overlapped with other applications, use this option to bring them to front (get focus). Besides you can use this function right from the main window, the corresponding icon is float_on_top.

  • Quality

Specify the quality of the played Flash movie file by selecting from Low and High (this option is similar to the one of standard Adobe Flash player).

  • Play

Plays the currently opened movie.

  • Stop

Stops the currently playing movie.

  • Rewind

Moves to the first movie frame.

  • Go to frame

Invokes a dialog where you may type the frame number which you want to move to. Total number of frames is shown in Movie Controls panel.

  • Open next playlist item

Moves to the next playlist item (if any).

  • Open previous playlist item

Moves to previous playlist item (if any).

  • Capture SWF frame screenshot

Captures SWF frame screenshot (PRO version only)

  • Start converting SWF into image series

Start converting SWF into image series, saving them to your hard drive (PRO version only)

3. Window

This menu contains the options that allow modifying the application’s interface lookout:

  • Minimize

This is the standard option that minimizes the Main window and places the icon in a system tray.

  • Zoom

Zooms Flash movie.

  • Hide Movie Controls

This menu item simply hides Movie Controls.

  • Open (Close) Zoom Drawer

Use this option to open or close Zoom Drawer in Movie Controls.

  • Viewer

This option allows you to activate (get focus to) the Viewer window. Once active it will be checked.

  • Playlist

This option allows you to activate (get focus to) or hide Playlist window. Once active it will be checked.

  • SWF info

This option allows you to activate (get focus to) or hide SWF info window. Note: this menu item is disabled if no movie was loaded.

4. Help


  •  SWF & FLV Player Help

Use this option to launch User Manual which you are currently reading.

  • Change registration info

Lets you upgrade to SWF & FLV Player PRO and get all the benefits it provides. Enter registration key which will be sent to you immediately after the purchase into the registration dialog to complete the update.

  • About SWF & FLV Player

Displays version and build of SWF & FLV Player.