Save all movie frames into a set of images

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SWF & FLV Player gives PRO version users a great possibility to save all movie frames into a set of images. To convert Flash movie into image series follow these instructions:

  1. Choose “Capture” tab in Preferences in Main menu. Specify destination folder where screenshots will be stored. Tick “Create subfolder by original file name” checkbox if you want screenshots to be saved into subfolders by original file names.
  2. Specify the screenshot interval in seconds by dragging the corresponding slider.
  3. Start playing the file.
  4. Now, click  button on Movie Controls panel or choose “Start converting into image series” option from “Movie” menu item. Screenshots will be taken according to the interval you’ve chosen. Click  button (or choose “Start converting into image series” option) one more time to stop making screenshots.
  5. If you choose “Always start capturing from 1st frame” option, capture will always start from the first frame. In case you are viewing a movie and click “Start converting into image series”, you will notice, that file playback starts once again from the very beginning and SWF & FLV Player starts capturing screenshots of a file.
  6. If you tick “Keep capturing till the next movie in Playlist”, screenshots will be taken till the end of the current Flash movie.

Note: Screenshots are saved in .bmp format.

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