SWF & FLV Player for Windows – Main menu

Main menu provides quick access to all SWF & FLV Player’s great features and options and highly resembles standard application’s menu:

There are several menu items available listed below:


  • Open recent – selects necessary Flash file from the list of previously accessed Flash files and add it to Playlist.
  • Add file (s) to Playlist – invokes "Open" dialog where you may navigate to necessary Flash file and add it to SWF & FLV Player’s Playlist. In order to select multiple files, please click several files while holding "Shift" key.
  • Clear Playlist – removes all items from SWF & FLV Player’s Playlist.
  • Save Playlist – saves current Playlist for your convenience.
  • Load Playlist – loads Playlist file previously saved by user.
  • Save as – saves the selected file to your hard disk. SWF files are saved as flash files. FLV files are saved as avi video, FLV files, mpeg video or wmv video.
  • Download online Flash movies – opens dialog where you may type in a web-address to fetch all SWF files there (PRO version only). Additionally, you may preview found Flash files (double-click any item in the list), open selected files in SWF & FLV Player (without adding them to Playlist), save checked Flash files to the hard disk (available in PRO version: files will be automatically added to Playlist) and, finally, find out whether the selected Flash file loads external resources (double-click the entry in the list – if SWF file will expand, then it loads external resources listed below the file).
  • Power tools – this menu item provides you some additional features as:

These actions are executed by another Eltima software. If such software is not found in your system, you will be proposed to download it from our site.

  • Preferences – invokes "Preferences" dialog where you may customize program’s options and parameters.
  • Quit SWF & FLV Player – closes application


This menu option contains the standard player’s options such as play, pause, rewind, etc. which you may find in Adobe Flash player or any audio/video player.

  • Fit to current window – This options allows to change movie size to fit the current window (in case it was resized) and is fully identical to the one of Movie Controls.
  • Restore the original size – Use this option to restore Flash movie size to the original one (in case it was resized). This option is identical to the one of Movie Controls.
  • Enter full-screen mode  – Select this menu option if you want to switch to or exit from full-screen mode (available in PRO version only).
  • Float on top  – If some of the SWF & FLV Player windows are overlapped with other applications, use this option to bring them to front (get focus) (available in PRO version only).
  • Quality  – Specify the quality of the played Flash movie file by selecting from Low and High (this option is similar to the one of standard Adobe Flash player).
  • Play  – Plays the currently opened movie.
  • Stop  – Stops the currently playing movie.
  • Rewind  – Moves to the first movie frame.
  • Go to frame  – Invokes a dialog where you may type in the frame number which you want to move to. Total number of frames is shown in Movie Controls panel.

  • Open next playlist item  – Moves to the next Playlist item (if any).
  • Open previous playlist item  – Moves to previous Playlist item (if any).
  • Make screenshot of the current frame – Captures SWF frame screenshot (available in PRO version only).
  • Start converting into image series  – Start converting SWF into image series, saving them to your hard drive (available in PRO version only).


This menu contains the options that allow modifying the application’s interface lookout:

  • Minimize  – This is the standard option that minimizes the Main window and places the icon in a system tray.
  • Hide controls – Select this menu option if you want to hide movie controls.
  • Playlist – This option allows you to switch either to "Playlist" or to "Properties" tab
  • SWF or FLV info – This option allows you to activate or hide SWF info window:

This menu item is disabled if no movie was loaded.

  • Show playlist – This option allows you to activate or hide Playlist.


  • SWF & FLV Player Help – Use this option to launch User Manual which you are currently reading.
  • Upgrade to Pro version – Upgrade to SWF & FLV Player PRO and get all the benefits it provides.
  • Enter registration info – Enter registration key which will be sent to you immediately after the purchase into the registration dialog to register your copy of SWF & FLV Player.

  • About SWF & FLV Player – Opens "About" window, where you can find your SWF & FLV Player copy details, like version, build, release date, technical support contacts, etc.:

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