Use Playlist buttons

“Playlist” window consists of two tabs, which you can switch easily by clicking the corresponding buttons:

img – to switch to “Playlist” tab

img – to activate “Properties” tab

SWF & FLV Player Playlist displays the list of the files currently added to playlist and their size. This tab also houses several buttons to manage Playlist:


img – “Add file(s) to Playlist” button, which invokes “Open” dialog to add new file(s) to this list.

img – “Remove selected” button removes the selected item from Playlist. Removing items from a playlist does not remove them from your hard disk.

img –  repeat is off: all files in the playlist will be played just one time. When the full cycle is completed, playback will stop.

img   – repeat all files: play all files in a list. Once the full cycle is completed, all files will be played again.
img – repeat one file: play only the selected file in playlist. Once playback is finished, it will start again.

Note, if the Player doesn’t still jump to the next item, though “Repeat” button is on, make sure that you have enabled all 3 options in “Go to next play list item if” section of the Preferences dialog. You may decrease waiting period by moving “The player stays on the same frame more than” slider. That will help the Player to determine whether the current movie has ended.

img – shuffle is off: files will be played in the exact order as shown in playlist

img – shuffle is on: files in a playlist will be played randomly

img – switch to “Properties” tab

Note: “Show playlist” option (Main menu –> Window) allows you to activate Playlist. Alternatively, click img Movie Controls button.

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