SWF & FLV Player options and parameters

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In “Preferences” dialog (Main menu –> File) you may customize SWF & FLV Player options and parameters. It contains four main tabs: General, Playlist, Capture, Download.


  • Default quality of SWF files playback

Here you may specify the default quality value of the played Flash file by selecting from the following values: Low and High. The advantage of low quality mode is that it reduces CPU load, and playback becomes very smooth. After applying the value, it will be selected automatically when you play the movie. This option doesn’t affect FLV files playback quality.

  • Background color when playing FLV

This option lets you change background color of the Viewer window for FLV files playback.

  • Automatically play files added to Playlist

Please, enable this option if you prefer the files added to Playlist to start playing automatically. This option is disabled by default.

  • Hide control panel in full-screen mode

If enabled, this option permits to hide control panel each time Flash movie is played in full-screen mode.


Options of “Playlist” tab permit SWF & FLV Player to jump to the next playlist item automatically. These options, if enabled, let SWF & FLV Player find out whether the current movie has been finished and thus proceed to the next playlist item. If none of the options is selected then SWF & FLV Player won’t jump to the next playlist item automatically. Tick the following checkboxes to decide which frame sequences SWF & FLV Player should detect:

  • the last frame is reached” – If you tick this checkbox,  SWF & FLV Player will proceed to the next playlist item each time the current file reaches its last frame.
  • the next frame number is less than previous” – This option permits to detect unexpected and unusual frame sequence, for example, when the movie was rewound and played from the start. When this frame sequence is met, SWF & FLV Player will proceed to the next playlist item. This option does not affect FLV files playback.
  • the player stays on the same frame more than” – If you tick this checkbox,  SWF & FLV Player will jump to the next playlist item when the movie stays on the same frame, but not the last one, during the certain period of time. Use the slider to specify the time period in seconds. This option does not affect FLV files playback.


This group of options allows you to configure settings of capture function:

  • Here you are able to set default folder where screenshots of Flash files will be stored.
  • Tick “Create subfolder by original file name” checkbox if you want screenshots to be saved into subfolders by original file names.
  • Besides you can specify screenshot interval in seconds by using the corresponding slider.
  • If you choose “Always start capturing from 1st frame” option, capture will always start from the first frame. In case you are viewing a movie and click “Start converting into image series”, you will notice, that file playback starts once again from the very beginning and SWF & FLV Player starts capturing screenshots of a file.
  • If you tick “Keep capturing till the next movie in Playlist”, screenshots will be taken till the end of the current Flash movie.


  • Default folder – Set default folder where downloaded files will be stored.
  • Ask each time where to save the file to – If you tick this checkbox, each time you are going to download a file, a dialog will appear, where you will be able to specify the folder the file will be saved to.
  • Keep original structure of the resources – Save the same catalog structure as on the server you download from. It may be useful if you download, for example, a SWF file with a definite structure of resources. To playback this SWF file correctly the original catalog structure should be created on your hard disk. Enable this option to ensure correct playback of downloaded files.
  • Don’t show message that download is complete – Tick this checkbox if you don’t want to get a message each time the download is complete.

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