Customize audio settings

In “Audio settings” tab you can resample and change advanced settings of the resulting video.

  • “Add the original sound to the resulting video with the following parameters” checkbox permits to add sound to the resulting file. If the checkbox is not ticked, the sound won’t be added to the resulting file.
  • “Choose audio codecoption permits to select audio codec for the resulting file. If the selected audio codec provides codec settings, then “Config” button will be active. By default MP3 encoder is set.
  • Samplerate is the number of samples (per second) that are taken to convert analog signal into digital one. It is measured in hertz (Hz). Higher sampling rate provides better quality reproduction, however it requires more space on hard disk. Specify output Flash sound quality (44100 Hz is an adopted standard for audio CD, video CD and MP3 files).

Note, if you choose output Flash file samplerate higher than the original file has, it won’t provide better quality reproduction (e.g. if the original file has 11025 Hz and you specify 44100 Hz).

  • Channels: choose reproduction type of the sound – stereo or mono. Stereo is chosen by default. Channel support depends on the codec you choose. Some codecs support only one channel.

  • “Reset to defaults” option restores all default settings.

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