SWF/FLV/EXE files to images

This feature allows saving every single frame of the original SWF/FLV/EXE file into a set of images. File names will be automatically generated by appending frame number as suffix to image name. For instance, conversion of test.swf into series of JPEG images will create following files: test_frame001.jpg, test_frame002.jpg, test_frame003.jpg and so on.

To convert SWF/FLV/EXE files into set of images follow these steps:

1. Choose conversion mode: “Convert one file” tab or “Convert many files” tab.

2. Choose source file for conversion.

3. Select the resulting file format (“convert to images”) in “Select output format” window:

4. Set the destination path: either put a tick in the checkbox “Save result in the same folder where source is stored” or press “Browse” button to choose the destination folder manually.

5. Customize conversion settings:

6. Press “Convert” button. Frames preparation process will start. You can see the progress in percent at progress bar:

7. Once frames preparation is over, the conversion process will start:

Tick the corresponding checkbox if you want your computer to be turned off after conversion.

8. Once conversion is over, you’ll get a message about it. You are able to view the resulting file by clicking “View result” link.

Note: By EXE files here we mean Adobe Projector files, which are self-executing Flash movies with the .exe extension.  If you right-click EXE file and choose “Properties” option, you’ll see “Adobe Flash Player” in file description.

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