SWF/FLV/EXE files to video

To convert SWF, FLV and EXE files into video format follow these steps:

1. Choose conversion mode: “Convert one file” tab or “Convert many files” tab.

2. Choose source file for conversion.

3. Select the resulting file format (“convert to video”) in “Select output format” window:

4. Set the destination path: either put a tick in the checkbox “Save result in the same folder where source is stored”, or press “Browse” button to choose the destination folder manually.

5. Customize conversion settings:

6. Press “Convert” button. Frames preparation process will start. You can see the progress in percent at progress bar:

7. Once frames preparation is over, the conversion process will start:

Tick the corresponding checkbox if you want your computer to be turned off after conversion.

8. Once conversion is over, you’ll get a message about it. You are able to view the resulting file by clicking “View result” link.

Note: By EXE files here we mean Adobe Projector files, which are self-executing Flash movies with the .exe extension.  If you right-click EXE file and choose “Properties” option, you’ll see “Adobe Flash Player” in file description.

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