Customize image format settings

When converting SWF/FLV/EXE files into a set of images, customize image format settings for better results:

In this tab the following format settings are available:

  • Available formats: set of Jpeg, set of Png, set of GIF, Animated GIF and set of Bitmap (.BMP)
  • “Image quality” option permits to control image quality depending on the file format you’ve chosen. Selecting “Poor” option will result in the worst output image quality, and on the contrary, selecting “High” option will result in the best. Default values are as follows:
  1. High (80%) for Jpeg
  2. High (100%) for Png
  3. High (80%) for GIF
  4. High (80%) for Animated GIF
  5. High (100%) for Bitmap

Please note that selecting maximum image quality value may result in significant disk space demand.

  • “Convert interactively” checkbox allows you to capture interactive SWF/EXE movies – games/presentations/etc.
  • Tick “Grayscale” checkbox if you would like to create grayscale images (with halftones).
  • “FPS” option, if applied for GIF format, defines frequency at which unique consecutive images (frames) are produced per second. For other formats this option defines the frequency of frames-per-second capture.
  • “Loop” checkbox enables/disables loop – continuous playback of the resulting animated GIF.
  • “Reset to defaults” option restores all default settings.

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