Add audio/video controls to resulting Flash movie

In order to add audio/video controls to resulting Flash movie, please, follow these steps:

1. Launch SWF Video Converter if it is not already started.Â

2. Click “Browse” button which is located next to “Source Video file” option in Source/Target Files panel and select the required video file in “Open file” dialog. Please, be patient while the file is loaded: large movies may take some time to be loaded into preview window. Once the movie file is successfully loaded, you will see that File Details pane is filled with corresponding data, Activity log notifies that source file is loaded and Start Conversion button is activated.Â

3. Switch to Output options tab and enable “Add audio/video controls to the resulting movie” checkbox.Â

4. Click Start Conversion button to start the conversion process. You may check Activity log to be aware of any possible problems or conversion progress. In case you want to stop conversion process, please, click Stop Conversions button in the program Toolbar. If you have enabled “Open the resulting SWF/HTML automatically when the conversion is over” option in Configuration options panel, the resulting file will be automatically opened with the associated application when the conversion process is successfully finished.Â