File Details section

File Details section displays loaded source file’s video and audio intrinsic properties such as codec name, frame size, total number of frames, frames per second (framerate) value, movie length, etc.

Original format displays FourCC code for the codec which was used to encode the loaded movie file.ÂOriginal size is a frame size (width and height) of the loaded movie. The resulting Flash movie will have the same dimensions.Total frames value is a number of frames in the movie.Â

Original FPS displays the number of frames per second. Good quality movie should contain not less than 25 FPS.

Movie length contains the duration of the loaded movie file.

Audio channels value shows whether the loaded movie has single-channel (mono) or stereo audio track.Â

Sample rate defines the number of samples per second taken from a continuous signal to make a discrete signal and is measured in hertz (Hz). Basically, the higher Sample rate is the better audio signal quality can be obtained.Â