Source/Target Files panel

Source/Target Files panel consists of two text fields and two “Browse” buttons. You may use them to specify the movie file which will be converted to SWF/FLV movie as well as target Flash movie file name.

In order to specify source video file, please, click “Browse” button by “Source Video file” textfield and navigate to the required file in “Open file” dialog. Click “Open” button to load this movie. SWF Video Converter allows you to select all major movie file formats such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, 3GP and so on. Once the movie is loaded, you will see it in Preview Window.

To specify the target filename, please, click “Browse” button by “Target movie” textfield and select the name for SWF/FLV file in “Save As” dialog.

Please, note that both textfields are not editable. To change the source or target file name click corresponding “Browse” button.