Reduce the resulting Flash movie size

It is not necessarily a simple task since reducing the resulting Flash movie size may significantly decrease output movie quality. Simple ideas which you may refer to as guidance that will help really you to achieve the best compression results with satisfactory quality are listed below:
  • Modify output video quality optionÂ

This is the first option to look at. Switch to Video options tab and move “Output video quality” slider to the left values (low quality).Â

  • Convert to Flash MX formatÂ

SWF Flash MX format is more advanced than Flash 3+ one and results in much smaller output file size and better quality. However, to be able to view the resulting Flash movie, you and your clients need Macromedia Flash player version 6 or above to be installed. In order to select SWF Flash MX option switch to Output options tab and select corresponding radio-button option.

  • Reduce audio qualityÂ

By decreasing Sampling and bit rates (moving sliders to the left side of the gauge) you can save few more bytes of the disk space. Additionally, you may convert incoming stereo audio stream into a mono track: for the home-made video clips, for instance, you will not notice the difference between the two.