SyncMate 4.x: Configure your Mac’s incoming connections

For correct performance of SyncMate it is highly recommended to configure all the available SyncMate settings for your Mac:

Incoming connections

"Incoming connections" plugin lets you customize incoming connections settings, so that other instances of SyncMate, installed on other Macs, will be able to sync with this Mac.

You can choose one of the following connection settings:

1. "Allow connections from all hosts" option will permit any other Mac to connect to your Mac and perform synchronization with it.
2. If you enable "Ask me before establishing connection" option, the following window will pop up, whenever there is an incoming request from another Mac:

Choose one of the available actions: "Yes", "Yes, and add to allowed IPs" or "No".
3. If you enable the last option – "Allow connections from hosts in this list only" – only the hosts from the corresponding list will be allowed to connect to your Mac. To add hosts to this list, click "+" button.

Click "Advanced settings" button to access the following settings:

1. TCP port, which listens to the incoming connections on your Mac, is set automatically by SyncMate. If you want to change this port, be sure you also change it on other Macs.
2. You can also enable password protection using the corresponding text field. The password allows securing the connection and will be requested on the Mac, which tries to connect to this Mac to perform the synchronization.