Folders Synchronization

With “Folders” plugin you can synchronize folders of any kind on your Mac with folders on Windows Mobile device, USB flash drive, Sony PSP, Android device, iOS device, iPOd nano, Windows PC and other Macs.

You can add one folder, as well as multiple folders, at the same time.

To synchronize folders follow these steps:

1. Select a pair of folders which will be used for synchronization: one on your Mac (“Local folder”), another on your remote device (“Device folder”).

Note: Only folders with content will be synchronized. Empty folders cannot be synced.

2. Choose the synchronization direction using combo box:

3. Once folders are selected, click button to add a pair to the list. Now you can choose another pair of folders, if you want to – just repeat the steps listed above.

4. If some data (file name, format, etc.) is changed at the remote side or on your Mac during the synchronization process, SyncMate won’t know which one has the highest priority. In this case you have several ways to resolve this issue:

5. You can configure filters to avoid synchronization of particular items. To do this, enter the filter mask (file type, file name etc) in the corresponding text field and click “+” button to add the filter mask to the list. You can also enable “Subfolder”, “File” and “Path” filters to exclude items, containing the specified mask in subfolder name, file name and path respectively.

Once filters are customized, click “OK” button. To make SyncMate use filters during synchronization, “Apply exclusion filters on folder pairs listed above” checkbox should be ticked.

6. Click “Sync now” button to start the synchronization process.

Since SyncMate version 4.1, you have a possibility to access root folder of your Android devices. Now you can sync any storage connected to your device, not only the one located in /mnt/sdcard.
To configure access to root folder, go to Connection settings for your device.

Note: when checking/unchecking this box, all previous sync pairs for this connection will be deleted, because files paths will be changed. You will have to add sync pairs from the very beginning.


1. To delete a connection, highlight it in the list and press “Delete” key, or right-click the selected connection and choose “Delete Selected” from the context menu.

2. If you enable “Move files to Trash on deletion (if possible)” option in SyncMate Preferences, then, when some files are deleted on Mac during the synchronization process, they will be moved to Trash. It will help you easily restore deleted files in future if required.

3. You can synchronize folders in real time with USB flash drives, Sony PSPs, Windows PCs or other Macs. Once “Real-time” checkbox is ticked by particular folders sync settings, synchronization will start immediately. In future you will not need to start the synchronization process manually by clicking “Sync now” button each time the data is changed on one side. All the data changes will be applied on the other side automatically. Note, once set, real-time folders synchronization will be performed even if you uncheck the device’s box in Devices list.

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