iCal Synchronization

With "iCal" plugin you can synchronize events of iCal, MS Entourage or MS Outlook 2011 on your Mac with your Google Calendar, Calendar at your Windows Mobile device, Nokia S40, Android device, iOS device or with other Macs.

Moreover, you can sync iCal, MS Entourage or MS Outlook 2011 events on your Mac either with built-in Windows Vista Calendar or with MS Office Outlook Calendar, the latter being the default direction.

Synchronization with Sony PSP is also available (one direction only).

If there is Online Backup connection available in the list, you can back up your iCal, MS Entourage or MS Outlook 2011 events.

Please, read the following instructions carefully to start the synchronization correctly:

1. Synchronization can be done in three directions:

Note: synchronization of iCal and Microsoft Entourage events on your Mac with Sony PSP is performed in one direction only (from Mac to Sony PSP).

2. "iCal" plugin lets you synchronize: all events without category to the selected folder, all events with one calendar at the remote side or only the selected calendars:

3. If you are going to perform synchronization with Windows Mobile device or Nokia S40, choose a folder on your Mac where events from the device will be copied to during the synchronization process (for "Sync all calendars. Sync events without category to" and "Sync all events with calendar" options only).

4. If you are going to perform synchronization with Windows PC, to choose the application on Windows PC, which iCal events on your Mac will be synced with, go to "Connection settings" plugin ("Sync with" option).

5. If you want to delete events on your Mac or at the remote side, or both, click "Delete all events" button.

6. If you want to delete your previous synchronization history, please, click "Reset history" button.

7. Finally, click "Sync now" button to start the synchronization process.


  • You should enable automatic sync between iCal events and MS Entourage to be able to sync MS Entourage events too. Read how to do it in our Knowledge Base: wiki.eltima.com/knowledge-base/syncmate/sync-with-entourage.html
  • To enable automatic events sync between iCal and MS Outlook 2011, go to Preferences of MS Outlook 2011. See the instructions in our Knowledge Base:
  • Please, close all applications at your Windows Mobile device before starting synchronization to quicken the synchronization process.
  • When SyncMate is uninstalled from Android device, all SyncMate related data is also deleted. Thus, all Address Book contacts and iCal events that you have synced from Mac to SyncMate account on Android device (local@syncmate.com) disappear automatically. This is not SyncMate fault however. That is the standard way applications, installed by the user, are removed from Android devices. Before uninstalling SyncMate, make sure you’ve synced to Mac or otherwise backed up the data associated with SyncMate.
  • Devices, running Android OS v.2.1, delete iCal events from SyncMate account (local@syncmate.com) after the device reboot. We recommend backing up events on Mac to avoid data loss. Meanwhile, our development team is working hard to bypass functional peculiarities of the above mentioned devices asap. Read possible workarounds in our Knowledge Base: /wiki/knowledge-base/syncmate/android-calendars.html
  • The series of events in iCal are synced from Mac to the other side disregarding the settings in "Synchronize only" option of SyncMate. Our developers are working hard to resolve the issue asap.
  • If in your iCal on Mac there is the subscription to the new MobileMe Calendar (https://www.me.com/calendar), events from your Windows Mobile device won’t be synced to it. Moreover, these events will be deleted from the device during the next synchronization.
    This is caused by the fact that since its update (October 14, 2010), MobileMe Calendar became read-only for the third-party software. That means that events synced to iCal using syncing tools (like SyncMate) will not be imported to MobileMe Calendar, if iCal has subscription to it.
    In spite of the issue mentioned above, MobileMe Calendar subscription is synced from iCal on Mac to Windows Mobile devices without problems.
  • When single instances of the recurrent event are edited in iCal, the changes (excluded dates, for example) are synced from Mac to others Macs and Google Calendars only. On other devices, as well as Windows PC, changes will not be applied after the sync. However, this issue occurs only when editing single events in the chain of recurrent events. Global recurrent event changes, like editing the "repeat until" date, are synced without problems.

Tip: To avoid data loss during the sync, it is recommended to enable the Data Change Alert of iSync on your Mac.

It will help to avoid unintended deletion or modification of data stored on your Mac (for "This Mac <–> Other side" and "Other side –> This Mac" synchronization directions).

To enable the Data Change Alert, tick ‘Show Data Change Alert when XXX of the data on this computer will be changed’ checkbox in iSync Preferences.

If you enable this option, a warning will appear when more than the indicated percentage of data on your Mac is going to be altered by the sync. To make this warning appear at each sync, select "any" option instead of percentage.

The warning shows you how many pieces of information will be added, modified or deleted on your Mac (click "Show Details" to view this) and allows you to cancel or to confirm the sync.