Sync iOS devices with any quantity of Macs

SyncMate offers you unique possibility to sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (hereinafter iOS devices) with any quantity of Macs. The quantity of iOS devices that can be connected and synced with your Mac is also unlimited.

Free SyncMate allows you to sync with multiple Macs, but only two plugins are available – Contacts and iCal. If you want to sync other iOS devices data with multiple Macs you’ll need SyncMate Expert.

How to sync iOS devices with several Macs?

1. SyncMate Expert Personal License allows activating SyncMate Expert on two Macs, this means, you can initiate sync with your iOS devices from two Macs.
2. If you need even more Macs to be synced with your iOS device, SyncMate Expert Family Pack is for you – it allows activating SyncMate (and initiating sync with iOS devices) on 6 Macs.
3. Find additional details about SyncMate Expert licensing here.