Sync with iOS devices using SyncMate 4.x

SyncMate allows you to synchronize with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (hereinafter iOS devices) connected to your Mac via USB cable.

SyncMate is compatible with iOS 3, 4, 5 and 6 running devices.

See the full list of synchronization options for the above mentioned iOS devices:


Here are some sync peculiarities for iOS devices:

    • SyncMate permits to sync Mac’s folders with music and iTunes playlists with the default music list and podcasts on iPod Touch.If you manually created playlists on iPod Touch, they will be visible from SyncMate interface and therefore available for sync only after the device synchronization with your “authorized” Mac. To know more about iTunes Store authorization, refer to
    • Due to the functional peculiarity of MacFuse Library, when your Mac is running in “64-bit Kernel and Extensions” mode, the following sync issue occurs: when syncing iTunes playlists with iOS devices, playlist choice on the device is unavailable (iTunes & Video plugin).
    • Currently changes applied to Safari Bookmarks, like adding a new bookmark folder, are synced in one direction only – from Mac to iOS devices. When at least one bookmark subfolder is deleted from Safari browser on Mac, all subfolders will be deleted on iOS device during the next sync. Our developers are working hard to resolve these issues asap.
    • When syncing media files and folders with iOS devices, sync is possible only with “user/media” folder on iOS device.
    • When mounting iOS device as Mac disk, only “user/media” folder content will be shown.

When syncing Mac with iOS devices, you can:

1. sync iTunes playlists and folders with music (from device to Mac) (iTunes & Video plugin);

2. create iTunes playlists on the device directly from SyncMate interface (iOS 3.x devices only) (iTunes & Video plugin);

3. create iTunes playlists on Mac directly from SyncMate interface (iTunes & Video plugin);

4. sync folders with images and iPhoto albums (only images) from device to Mac (iPhoto plugin).

Note: If Sync Services on your iOS device are inactive due to some reason, SyncMate won’t be able to sync with your iOS device. To activate Sync Services on your iOS device, do the following:

1. On your Mac, Open iTunes.
Note: You should download and install the latest version of iTunes.
2. Connect the iOS device to your computer via USB cable and select it in iTunes under Devices on the left-hand side.
3. Select the content tabs. Some tabs may not appear if you do not have the corresponding content in your device library.


4. Click Apply, in the lower-right corner of the screen, to sync.
Read “Syncing with iTunes” in detail here:

After that, you can exit iTunes, but leave the content tabs checked. Now you can use SyncMate to sync your iOS device connected to your Mac via USB cable.

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