Sync folders with images and iPhoto albums between Mac and iOS devices

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To sync images/iPhoto albums between your Mac and remote device, do the following:

1. Click “Add new pair” button.

2. Select the source device (the sync direction, in other words):

Read about sync peculiarities for iOS devices and iPod nano in the corresponding sections:

3. Choose a folder with images or iPhoto album on your Mac.

4. Choose a folder with images or iPhoto album at your remote device.

You can import images from your remote device’s folder either into a local folder with images on Mac or into iPhoto album. Smart iPhoto albums synchronization is currently performed in one direction only (from Mac to device).

5. Click OK button to add the sync pair to the list.

6. Click “Sync now” button to start the sync process.

Note: If you enable “Move files to Trash on deletion (if possible)” option in SyncMate Preferences, then, when some files are deleted on Mac during the synchronization process, they will be moved to Trash. It will help you easily restore deleted files in future if required.

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