Sync images on Mac with Win device, Android & BlackBerry device, etc.

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Note: Since SyncMate version 4.x, it is possible to sync not only images, but also videos from Mac’s iPhoto albums into device folder or iPhoto album on another Mac.

To sync images on your Mac with the remote side, do the following:

1. Click “Add new pair” button.

2. Select the source device (the sync direction, in other words).

3. Choose a folder with images or iPhoto album on your Mac.

4. Choose a folder with images at the remote side.

5. Click OK button to add the sync pair to the list.

6. Tick the items you want to be synchronized.

7. Click “Sync now” button to start the synchronization process.

1. You can import images from your remote device’s folder either into a local folder with images on Mac or into iPhoto album. Smart iPhoto albums synchronization is currently performed in one direction only (from Mac to device).

2. When syncing from your Mac to the remote device, you can resize photos you want to synchronize (320×240 or 640×480). Click “Conversion settings” button.


1. If you enable “Move files to Trash on deletion (if possible)” option in SyncMate Preferences, then, when some files are deleted on Mac during the synchronization process, they will be moved to Trash. It will help you easily restore deleted files in future if required.

2. When syncing iPhoto album from Mac to the remote side, images duplication is possible. It may happen because iPhoto v.6 and later includes an option to embed ColorSync profile into imported images if they don’t already have one. So, next time you sync iPhoto album on Mac with the remote side, images with embedded ColorSync profile are considered new ones, and are imported to the device. To avoid images duplication in future, uncheck “Embed ColorSync profile” box in iPhoto Preferences (“Advanced” tab) before importing images from remote device folder to iPhoto album on your Mac.

3. Currently, only folders with images can be synced to Dropbox; iPhoto albums are not synced to Dropbox.

4. Since SyncMate version 4.1, you have a possibility to access root folder of your Android devices. Now you can sync any storage connected to your device, not only the one located in /mnt/sdcard.

To configure access to root folder, go to Connection settings for your device.

Note: when checking/unchecking this box, all previous sync pairs for this connection will be deleted, because files paths will be changed. You will have to add sync pairs from the very beginning.

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