Sync with iPod nano

SyncMate allows you to synchronize with iPod nano connected to your Mac via USB cable.

SyncMate was tested with iPod nano 1.1.3 (3rd Generation) and 1.0.2 (5th Generation). If you have iPod nano of other versions, please, do not hesitate to download the free version of SyncMate and test it yourself:

When syncing Mac with iPod nano, you can:

1. sync iTunes playlists and folders with music (iTunes & Video plugin):

  • both from device and Mac – for iPod nano 1.1.3;
  • from device to Mac – for iPod nano 1.0.2.

2. create iTunes playlists on the device directly from SyncMate interface (iTunes & Video plugin);
3. create iTunes playlists on Mac directly from SyncMate interface (iTunes & Video plugin);
4. sync folders with images and iPhoto albums (from device to Mac) (iPhoto plugin).

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