SyncMate 4.x for macOS Known Issues

1. When I sync my contacts/events/notes/to-dos are duplicated. Why?

The problem you described usually happens when you make changes in events and then switch the synchronization direction and try to sync modified entries without previous synchronization. On changing synchronization direction syncing history is cleared. So SyncMate doesn’t apply changes and just overwrite events. So synchronize after sync direction is changed to create sync history. Another possible reason of duplicated events is the presence of alarms assigned to events. Alarms with sounds are not recognized by the Mobile device and that’s why such events are not transferred correctly. Please try to disable alarm sounds and sync again

2. Is SyncMate compatible with my device?
The information about compatible platforms and devices can be found at:
Don’t hesitate to download the free version of SyncMate and try to connect your device yourself:
To find out more on SyncMate functionality, please, get acquainted with the User Guide:

3. I tried to connect my Nokia phone to Mac via Bluetooth using SyncMate, but the application crashed. What can be the problem?

Please note that Bluetooth Manager crash at Mac OS X 10.6 is possible while trying to establish connection with Nokia Series 40 phone, if the latter is already connected to any other device (another Mac, for example).

4. When launching SyncMate module for Windows, Microsoft Office Outlook message pops up: “A program is trying to access e-mail address information stored in Outlook…”

  • If you have Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 or 2010 installed on your Windows PC, please, customize Microsoft Office Outlook settings before launching SyncMate to avoid this issue in future. To achieve it, go to main menu of Microsoft Office Outlook. Choose Tools –> Trust Center –> Programmatic Access. Tick “Never warn me about suspicious activity” checkbox.
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 does not feature the option to disable this warning. Each time you get this message, click “Allow” button to let SyncMate access e-mail address information stored in Outlook.

5. Unstable synchronization of Events folder when syncing iPhoto from Mac to Windows Mobile device. It is caused by the fact that iPhoto gives names with special characters to folders, while such names may be not supported on other operating systems.

6. Synchronization of iCal/Microsoft Entourage events and Address Book on your Mac with S40 Nokia 6700c is not supported.

7. Accidental deletion of some entries from the device and further removal of the same entries from Mac (or vice versa) during synchronization cannot be considered as the reason for refund because SyncMate is a sync tool and works according to its specifications. You can prevent losing the data by following the instructions in our Knowledge Base.

8. Bluetooth connection failure between SyncMate and Windows Mobile device is possible if vendor’s Bluetooth stack is installed on mobile device, not Microsoft Bluetooth stack. You can check whether connection via Bluetooth can be established with your Windows Mobile device. Read the instructions in our Knowledge Base.

9. If you have changed the recurrence settings for a series of events in Calendar on your device, and now you are syncing this series of events back to iCal events on Leopard 10.5.8, the changes won’t be displayed in iCal. To resolve this issue either reconfigure recurrence settings in iCal manually, or delete this series of events in iCal, then delete your previous synchronization history in SyncMate (“Reset history” button) and perform synchronization from your device to your Mac once again.

10. Since version 2.6, SyncMate does not work on Mac OS X Tiger (version 10.4).

11. If you import events from Google Calendar to iCal on your Mac via CalDAV, and then try to sync iCal events with the remote side using SyncMate, only the main imported calendar will be synced (the main one is the first calendar you created in Google Calendar). Secondary calendars (Delegates) cannot be synced due to peculiarities of iCal functionality. To find out possible solutions refer to our Knowledge Base.

12. When SyncMate is uninstalled from Android device, all SyncMate related data is also deleted. Thus, all Address Book contacts and iCal events that you have synced from Mac to SyncMate account on Android device ( disappear automatically. This is not SyncMate fault however. That is the standard way applications, installed by the user, are removed from Android devices. Before uninstalling SyncMate, make sure you’ve synced to Mac or otherwise backed up the data associated with SyncMate.

13. Devices, running Android OS v.2.1, delete iCal events from SyncMate account ( after the device reboot. We recommend backing up events on Mac to avoid data loss.
Also, on your Mac, set iSync Preferences to “Show Data Change Alert when …” This is useful if you decide to sync data from Android device to Mac after events were deleted on the device. In this case the Data Change Alert will display the number of events to be deleted on your Mac and will let you confirm or cancel changing the information on Mac.
Meanwhile, our development team is working hard to bypass functional peculiarities of the above mentioned devices ASAP.
Read possible workarounds in our Knowledge Base: /wiki/knowledge-base/syncmate/android-calendars.html

14. Due to the functional peculiarity of MacFuse Library, when your Mac is running in “64-bit Kernel and Extensions” mode, the following sync issues occur:
– devices cannot be mounted as disks (“Mount disk” plugin);
– when syncing iTunes playlists with iPhone, playlist choice on iPhone is unavailable (iTunes & Video plugin).

15. If in your iCal on Mac there is the subscription to the new MobileMe Calendar (, events from your Windows Mobile device won’t be synced to it. Moreover, these events will be deleted from the device during the next synchronization.
This is caused by the fact that since its update (October 14, 2010), MobileMe Calendar became read-only for the third-party software. That means that events synced to iCal using syncing tools (like SyncMate) will not be imported to MobileMe Calendar, if iCal has subscription to it.
In spite of the issue mentioned above, MobileMe Calendar subscription is synced from iCal on Mac to Windows Mobile devices without problems.

16. The series of events in iCal are synced from Mac to the other side disregarding the settings in “Synchronize only” option of SyncMate. Our developers are working hard to resolve the issue asap.

17. Windows Mobile devices can be connected to SyncMate on Mac OS X Lion (10.7) only via Wi-Fi or USB cable. Bluetooth connection is currently unavailable.

18. Mail notes with empty “Subject” field are synced incorrectly from a mounted device back to Mac. That is not SynMate fault but the peculiarity of handling Mail notes by the Sync Services on Mac.

19. Since FTP servers mounted as drives with the Finder in Mac OS X have read-only access, sync is available in one direction only – from drive to Mac folders and other Mac storages.

20. The current version of SyncMate does not support Calendars, Contacts, Reminders and Bookmarks sync with OS X Mavericks (10.9). Our developers are working hard to resolve this issue ASAP.