Safari Bookmarks Synchronization

Safari Bookmarks” plugin lets you synchronize your Safari bookmarks on your Mac with IE Favorites at your Windows Mobile device, Safari bookmarks on other Macs, Android device or iOS device bookmarks, or with Opera/Safari/IE bookmarks on Windows PC.

Synchronization with Sony PSP is also available (one direction only).

If there is Online Backup connection available on the list, you can back up your Safari bookmarks there as well.

Please, read the following instructions carefully to start the synchronization correctly:

1. Synchronization can be done in three directions:

Note: synchronization of Safari browser bookmarks with Sony PSP is performed in one direction only (from Mac to Sony PSP).

2. If you are going to perform synchronization with Windows Mobile device, choose a folder on your Mac where all bookmarks from the device will be copied to during the synchronization process. To do it, please, tick “Use particular folder on Mac for synchronization” checkbox and choose the required folder.

Note: if you select IE Favorites synchronization at Windows Mobile device, folders of the second level won’t be included by SyncMate during the synchronization.

3. If you are going to perform synchronization with Windows PC, to choose the application on Windows PC, which Safari bookmarks on your Mac will be synced with, go to “Connection settings” plugin (“Sync with” option).

4. If you want to delete all your previous synchronization history, please, click “Reset history” button.

5. Finally, click “Sync now” button to start the synchronization process.

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