Contacts Synchronization

Contacts” plugin lets you synchronize your Mac’s Address Book, Contacts of MS Entourage or MS Outlook 2011 with your Google Contacts, Contacts on your Windows Mobile device, Nokia S40, Android device, iOS device and with other Macs‘ Address Books, MS Entourage or MS Outlook 2011 Contacts.

Moreover, you can sync your Mac’s Address Book/MS Entourage Contacts/MS Outlook 2011 Contacts with Opera contacts on your Windows PC.
You can also sync your Mac’s Address Book/MS Entourage Contacts/MS Outlook 2011 Contacts either with built-in Windows Address Book (WinXP) and Windows Contacts (Vista and Win7) or with MS Outlook Contacts, the latter being the default application.

Synchronization with Sony PSP is also available (one direction only).

If there is Online Backup connection available in the list, you can back up your Address Book contacts there.

Please, read the following instructions carefully to start the synchronization correctly:

1. Synchronization can be done in three directions:

Note: Address Book synchronization with Sony PSP is performed in one direction only (from Mac to Sony PSP).

2. Choose the order surnames and names will be displayed in:

Note: If this synchronization of contacts with other side is not the first one, then “Name first” and “Surname first” options will be applied only to new and edited contacts. If you want to change surname and name order for all your contacts on other side, first, delete all contacts from other side (“Delete all contacts” button) and then perform synchronization.

3. If you tick “Sync only contacts with phone numbers” checkbox, contacts without phone numbers will not be synchronized.
4. Now you can choose what contacts to sync:

  • “Sync all groups” will sync all categories of contacts with the remote side.
  • “Sync all contacts to this group” will sync all contacts to the specified folder (group).
  • “Sync only selected groups” will sync only the selected categories of contacts.

5. If you are going to perform synchronization with Windows Mobile device or Nokia S40 and you have chosen “Sync all contacts to this group” option, select a folder (group) on your Mac where all contacts from the device will be copied to during thesynchronization process.

6. If you are going to perform synchronization with Windows PC, to choose the application on Windows PC, which Address Book on your Mac will be synced with, go to “Connection settings” plugin (“Sync with” option).

7. If you want to delete contacts on your Mac or at the remote side, click “Delete all contacts” button. In the invoked window choose the required action:

8. If you want to delete your previous synchronization history, please, click “Reset history” button.
9. Finally, click “Sync now” button to start the synchronization process.

  • You should enable automatic contacts sync between Address Book and MS Entourage to be able to sync MS Entourage Contacts too. Read how to do it in our Knowledge Base.
  • To enable automatic contacts sync between Address Book and MS Outlook 2011, go to Preferences of MS Outlook 2011. See the instructions in our Knowledge Base: /wiki/knowledge-base/syncmate/outlook.html
  • The order of contacts display will be set only when synchronizing new contacts, whereas existing contacts will stay without changes. To change the display order of all contacts, set the required synchronization direction (e.g. Mac –> Windows Mobile device), delete all contacts on your device, set the required order of contacts display and, finally, synchronize.
  • If you are syncing Address Book on your Mac with Address Book on Windows XP or 2000, only the contacts, located in “Main Identity’s Contacts” folder on your Windows PC, will be synced with Address Book on your Mac. Contacts from “Shared Contacts” folder won’t be synced.
  • All Google Contacts, located in “My Contacts” group, will be synced into “Contacts” group in Address Book on your Mac. Read in detail about syncing of Gmail contacts list in our Knowledge Base.
  • If you are syncing Address Book on your Mac with Contacts on Nokia S40, only the following fields will be synced: First Name, Last Name, Phone (max 5 numbers per contact) and Email (max 5 emails per contact).
  • When SyncMate is uninstalled from Android device, all SyncMate related data is also deleted. Thus, all Address Book contacts and iCal events that you have synced from Mac to SyncMate account on Android device ( disappear automatically. This is not SyncMate fault however. That is the standard way applications, installed by the user, are removed from Android devices. Before uninstalling SyncMate, make sure you’ve synced to Mac or otherwise backed up the data associated with SyncMate.
Tip: To avoid data loss during the sync, it is recommended to enable the Data Change Alert of iSync on your Mac.

It will help to avoid unintended deletion or modification of data stored on your Mac (for “This Mac <–> Other side” and “Other side –> This Mac” synchronization directions).

To enable the Data Change Alert, tick ‘Show Data Change Alert when XXX of the data on this computer will be changed’ checkbox in iSync Preferences.

If you enable this option, a warning will appear when more than the indicated percentage of data on your Mac is going to be altered by the sync. To make this warning appear at each sync, select “any” option instead of percentage.

The warning shows you how many pieces of information will be added, modified or deleted on your Mac (click “Show Details” to view this) and allows you to cancel or to confirm the sync.