Registration on Linux

Eltima Software provides fully functional free demo version, which is limited to 14-day trial period. You can share one USB device only, still any number of users may connect to this device remotely (one client at a time).

To be able to use this application when the trial period is over you have to purchase it. To see the current pricing, place the order and read about license types available, visit the product’s purchase page on our website.

Once you’ve received registration info from us, please, register USB Network Gate.

Note: Registration is required for USB Network Gate server module only. You do not need to register USB Network Gate client module (which is installed on the client machine). Clients will be able to access remote USB devices, which are shared on the server machine, via client module even when trial period expires without any additional configurations.

To register USB Network Gate Server, follow these steps:

  1. Launch USB Network Gate.
  2. Select Help → Enter registration info from the main menu.
  3. Type in the name and code you have received from us:
  4. Click OK to complete the registration process.