Working with the Service

Service Installation

  1. After the successful driver installation, you can work directly with Virtual Modem PRO Service. First of all, you have to register it using the registration code you have received from us and the REG command-line argument. Registration should be completed in this way:
    vm_service.exe REG [YOUR NAME] [YOUR CODE]
  2. After the registration, the Service needs to be installed in the target environment. To do this, execute the following command-line operation: “vm_service.exe /install”.
  3. At last, you can start the Service by executing the “vm_service.exe/enable” command.

Service Uninstallation

If you want to uninstall the Virtual Modem PRO service, execute the following operations:

  1. If the Service is currently running, stop it using the “vm_service.exe /disable” command-line operation.
  2. Execute “vm_service.exe /uninstall” in command line to uninstall the Service.
  3. You can also uninstall the driver of Virtual Serial Port by executing “vsbsetup.exe /U” in command line.


The list of available Service manipulation arguments are as follows:

/install – Service installation
/uninstall – Service uninstallation
/Enable – Enable Service
/Disable – Stop Service
REG – Service registration

Here are several command-line examples:

vm_service.exe /install – Service installation
vm_service.exe /enable – Service launching