SetWiring Method

The SetWiring method sets connection type depending on parameters passed to this method

BOOL SetWiring(
  	LONG Dtr, 	// Transmit line signal
  	LONG Rts, 	// Receive line signal
  	LONG Out1, 	// Output line signal
  	LONG Out2, 	// Input line signal


  • Dtr, Rst, Out1, Out2 [in] : line signals may have following values depending on which port you want connect to:
    WIRED_TO_DCDsetting connection to remote DCD line0x80
    WIRED_TO_RIsetting connection to remote RI line0x40
    WIRED_TO_DSRsetting connection to remote DSR line0x20
    WIRED_TO_CTSsetting connection to remote CTS line0x10

Return Values : If the function succeeds, the return value is TRUE, alternatively, the return value is FALSE.

Note: Method is available for Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista only.

The default pinout is the following:

Note: DCD signal is connected to DTR signal by default and you are not able to manage them separately. To resolve this problem, please, execute the following command: SetWiring (WIRED_TO_DSR, WIRED_TO_CTS, 0,0). Besides, SetWiring method is actual till virtual port is not deleted from system.