What’s new in this version of Virtual Serial Port Driver Mobile?

 Virtual Serial Port Driver Mobile 4.2 [Released: August 29, 2007] 

  • New demo limitations introduced: you won’t be able to send more than 100Kb of data in one session, previous limitations are not applied
  • Added: ability to share virtual serial ports between several applications simultaneously
  • Improved: stability in all supported OS
  • Fixed: several minor bugs and glitches

Virtual Serial Port Driver Mobile 4.0 [Released: July 6, 2007] 

  • Totally new version
  • Full  support  of the following platforms: Windows CE 3/4/5/6; Windows Mobile SmartPhone 2003/2005/2006; Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003/2005/2006 – as one package
  • Greatly enhanced emulation core
  • New registration algorithm
  • Automatic  ports re-creation and re-activation on reboot under all supported OS
  • Some  interface  improvements  for  both:  stylus-manipulated  and  buttons-manipulated interface
  • Major and minor enhancements of installation procedure
  • OEM license deployment improvements
  • Fixed: several minor bugs