Introduction to Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO

Today, COM ports are still in use in many areas, including industrial automation systems, laboratory automation or surveying, POS systems, and more. And if your system lacks serial interfaces, it may become rather challenging to work with COM-based equipment or software.

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO is a professional utility that allows creating virtual serial ports which completely emulate the behavior and parameters of hardware COM interfaces. With the software, you can create as many virtual serial ports as you need. That means you’ll be able to easily access the same serial device (printer, scanner, GPS device, etc.) from multiple serial apps at a time.

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO provides the great opportunity to set custom port parameters and create COM port bundles of different types. The software is an efficient solution for managing real and virtual serial ports:

The software makes it possible to provide your system with an unlimited number of virtual COM port pairs. Thanks to the advanced pairing option, you can exchange data between serial apps using a virtual pair connected with a virtual null modem cable.

Another great feature of Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO is splitting one physical COM port into several virtual ones. In this case, all data received by the split real interface can be sent to each of the OUT-side virtual ports and vice versa.

With Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO it’s also possible to join multiple physical COM ports into one virtual. That means everything sent to one of the joined real ports will be duplicated to the virtual serial port, and vice versa.

In case you need to create a bundle of real or virtual serial interfaces where all ports will be able to talk to each other, you can easily do this with the apps’ port merging feature. Everything sent to one of the merged ports can be replicated to all the other ports of a bundle.

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO will also come in handy for redirecting serial traffic from one real COM port to another (real or virtual serial interface).

What’s more, the port switching option will let you add several real ports to one port bundle and join the bundle to a single virtual COM port. Once you create a switcher for this virtual serial port in your app, your program gets access to all real ports joined to the virtual one. Now, any time your app needs to connect to a COM port it will be automatically offered a free real interface. The app will connect to different physical interfaces as though it were always the same port.

When working with multiple applications at a time, you may need to share one COM port among several programs so that the apps can access the same serial port simultaneously. Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO makes this possible. You simply connect all the apps you need (the number is not limited) to a single COM port with the software, and your programs get the ability to send and receive the port’s data at a time. In addition, you may grant access rights to a particular application and specify serial port connection parameters (baudrate, databits, etc).

To make your work even more efficient and productive, you can use the unique complex bundle feature that combines all those amazing options mentioned before. It lets you create multiple serial ports at both sides of a bundle, with data redirected from several incoming ports to several outgoing ports. Both sides of a bundle can have virtual serial ports, real serial ports and shared ports installed.

The key capabilities of Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO:

– creating COM port pairs
– splitting a physical serial port into several virtual ones
– joining multiple serial ports into one virtual
– redirecting data streams from one physical COM port to another real or virtual serial port
– sharing one real serial port between several applications
– creating complex bundles of COM ports and with multiple ports at both INPUT and OUTPUT sides
– joining several real ports into one virtual for their further automatic switching
– merging multiple ports within a single bundle

The advanced features supported by Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO:

Complete emulation of hardware control lines
Automatic reconfiguration of port bundles every time you boot your PC
Unique all-in-one functionality: pair, split, join, merge serial ports, redirect data
Creating ports bundles including both real and virtual serial ports
Ability to create as many virtual serial ports as you need
Creating and configuring virtual COM ports in real-time
Full support for a wide range of GPS devices and software
Compatibility with HyperThreaded and multi-processor systems
Support for bidirectional data transfer
High data transfer speed
Full baudrate and flow control support
Simple installation with no need for a PC reboot
Full baudrate and flow control support
Ability to customize the connection parameters for real serial port connections (baudrate, parity, flow-control, databits, stopbits)
Ability to control serial ports directly from your own app by executing dll functions. Full support for 64-bit applications – OEM
Providing software code sample for major development environments – OEM
Full compatibility with Windows (32-bit and 64-bit): XP(only Standard)/2003(only Standard)/2008/ Vista/7/8/10, Windows Server 2012/2016/2019